The Audacity Channel Podcast Season One Wrap-up

Season one of The Audacity Channel Podcast is complete. This first season of the podcast started with a pre-launch announcement and ended strong with an episode dedicated to ACX audiobook creation tips using Audacity. Season two drops on March 1st with a special “March Madness” announcement. The season one episodes below are sorted from the newest to the oldest.

[S1, Ep 12] Creating ACX Audiobooks Using Audacity

[S1, Ep 11] The Ongoing Relevance of Audacity Fundamentals

[S1, Ep 10] Audacity Version 3.2.4, Meter Toolbars, and Coming Soon: Saving Effects Chains

[S1, Ep 9] How To Use The Audacity De-Clicker Plugin

[S1, Ep 8] Great Audio Starts Here: Room Treatments, Microphone Placement, Microphone Type, and Microphone Technique

[S1, Ep 7] What is Sample Rate, Bit Depth, and Bit Rate?

[S1, Ep 6] How to Recover and Filter Realtime Effects in Audacity

[S1, Ep 5] Audacity Version 3.2.3 Released With User Interface Changes

[S1, Ep 4] Audacity Channel Launch and the Audio Setup and Share Audio Buttons

[S1, Ep 3] Lopsided Waveforms and DC Offset: One Of These Is Not Like The Other

[S1, Ep 2] Audacity 3.2.1: FFMPEG Fix, Real-Time vs. Old School, and the Device Toolbar

[S1, Ep 1] The Audacity Channel Pre-Launch Announcement