Learn Audacity – Welcome

Welcome to Learn Audacity. My name is Mike Adams. Learn Audacity is a resource for podcasters, podcast editors, podcast producers, and ACX audiobook creators who use Audacity as their software of choice when creating spoken word recordings. It is home to my newly created Audacity Bootcamp Online School for podcasters and ACX audiobook narrators who use Audacity. The Audacity Bootcamp Online School is home to my four on-demand video courses, of which two are available now:

        Online Video Courses I Teach

        Beginning Audacity: Step-by-Step is the newest course at the Audacity Bootcamp online school. It is a comprehensive step-by-step quick-start course for podcasters and audiobook narrators who are new to Audacity with little or no experience using the program.

        ACX Audiobook Production Using Audacity is for audiobook narrators who use Audacity or want to begin using Audacity. In this course I teach you how to make exceptional audiobook recordings that meet the stringent ACX requirements. I also explain the ACX requirements and define terms like noise floor, RMS loudness, and bit rate.

        Coming Soon!

        Designed for podcasters and spoken word content creators, Intermediate Audacity Step-by-Step picks up where the beginning course leaves off and takes the student further into the more advanced features and capabilities of Audacity.

        Coming Soon!

        Designed for podcasters and spoken word content creators, Advanced Audacity Step-by-Step builds on the Beginning and Intermediate courses and provides the student with the confidence and skills required to employ the advanced capabilities of Audacity.