Audacity Version 3.2.1 Is Out

Most of us are already aware that Audacity version 3.2.0 has been released but did you know that version 3.2.1 just came out? There wasn’t much fanfare around its release because it’s a patch release, but at least one of the fixes in this release is significant if you use Audacity on an M1 or M2 Mac like I do. The fix is in the ffmpeg library for MacOS running on an M1 or M2 processor. When 3.2.0 came out it had an issue with the previous ffmpeg libraries for M1 and M2 Mac users. The temporary fix was to download an x_86 version of Audacity 3.2.0 that would recognize the version of ffmpeg previously installed. Long story short, this has been resolved and starting with version 3.2.1 Audacity for Mac locates and installs the correct ffmpeg file. Here’s the link I mentioned for more information:

This is pre-release episode of The Audacity Channel podcast. The official launch will be in the winter of 2023 and coincide with the launch of The Audacity Bootcamp Online School for Podcasters and ACX Audiobook Narrators. For more information about the Audacity Bootcamp online school, visit: