Audacity Step-by-Step: Beginner to Advanced

Are you a podcast host, editor, or producer who uses Audacity to record and edit your podcasts? Do you want to dive deeper into Audacity and go beyond the basics into more advanced topics so you can produce better audio in your podcasts while discovering the unleashed power of Audacity? Then Audacity Step-by-Step: Beginner to Advanced is for you! This course starts with the basics but quickly moves beyond the basics into more advanced topics so you can build your confidence and increase your abilities and skills in using Audacity as your podcast editing and production tool. As the name implies this course is for anyone, beginner to advanced, who wants to learn skilled methods of audio editing and production using Audacity.

Along the way, we explore topics like graphic EQ, the filter curve, noise reduction, manipulating audio waveforms, compression, normalization, sample rates, voiceovers, voice frequency, the zero-crossing tool, the limiter, metadata, LUFS and loudness normalization, the noise gate, stereo vs mono, templates, filters, multi track editing, amplify and silence, and realtime, stackable plugins. It’s priced ridiculously low to fit any budget and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Check out the full curriculum:

    Check it out for yourself and watch the free course previews.