The Audacity Bootcamp Online School

Today I launched my new Audacity Bootcamp online school. The Audacity Bootcamp is designed for podcasters and ACX audiobook narrators who use Audacity as their audio editing software. I’ve successfully reached 2,500 students with this curriculum in its current location and I’ve decided to expand it and move it to my own URL. There are four Audacity-related courses at the Audacity Bootcamp:

  • ACX Audiobook Production Using Audacity (Use the coupon code HALFOFFACX for a 50% course launch discount off of the already low price! This coupon expires on Friday, September 2nd)
  • Beginning Audacity Bootcamp for Podcasters (currently in production)
  • Intermediate Audacity Bootcamp for Podcasters (currently in production)
  • Advanced Audacity Bootcamp for Podcasters (currently in production)
  • Audacity Version Updates (this is a free course I offer that steps you through what’s new in Audacity as major updates are released)

Audacity Step-by-Step

Are you ready to take your spoken word recordings to the next level? Do you use Audacity as your software of choice when recording audio? Then you’ve come to the right place. Audacity Bootcamp is an on-line school designed for:

☞ Podcasters
☞ Podcast editors
☞ Podcast producers
☞ ACX audiobook creators

Through my on-demand video courses, I show you step-by-step how to make quality audio productions using Audacity. These courses are self-paced and while I keep the videos short, they are packed with valuable information.

If you’re looking for a deep dive into Audacity that goes beyond the usual basics of the program, the Audacity Bootcamp was created with you in mind. My videos are comprehensive and will give you the skills and confidence you need so that you can record, edit, and produce exceptional podcasts and ACX audiobooks using Audacity.

You’ll find the Audacity Bootcamp by visiting

I hope to see you there.


Audacity Bootcamp: Beginner to Advanced

Are you looking for a comprehensive course on Audacity that’s presented in an easy to understand format? Audacity Bootcamp: Beginner to Advanced starts with the basics of Audacity but quickly moves beyond the basics into more advanced topics so you can build your confidence and increase your skills in using Audacity as your podcast editing and production tool. As the name implies this course is for anyone, beginner to advanced, who wants to learn skilled methods of audio editing and production using Audacity. Because of that, there are no prerequisites for this course. Beginning students are encouraged to complete each lesson in the order presented to get the most benefit from the course. But more advanced students may want to complete the lessons most relevant to them. The choice is yours.

The course consists of over 7 hours of on-demand video lectures distributed across four sections:

  1. Beginning Audacity Bootcamp
  2. Intermediate Audacity Bootcamp
  3. Advanced Audacity Bootcamp
  4. Updates and Bonus Lectures

Preview Audacity Bootcamp: Beginner to Advanced to decide if it’s right for you.