Audacity Bootcamp Online School Launch and Sale

Today is the official launch of the Audacity Bootcamp online school and in light of a holiday launch, I’m offering 40% off on both Audacity courses at the school until January 15, 2023. I would normally do a video to make this offer but I’m fighting off a flu bug and my voice isn’t doing real well. So I’m doing this the old fashioned way until I get a healthy voice back. This is your chance to save 40% off of the already low price. We’re talking low! To take advantage of this sale enter the following coupon for the course you’re enrolling in. You’ll find both courses at

Use the coupon code BOOTCAMPLAUNCH to receive 40% off of the course, Audacity Step-by-Step: Beginner to Advanced.

Use the coupon code ACXLAUNCH to receive 40% off of the course, ACX Audiobook Production Using Audacity.

Course details and video descriptions are in the link above. Happy Holidays from The Audacity Bootcamp!

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