The Share Audio Button in Audacity 3.2.0

Audacity 3.2 has a new feature that makes sharing your audio productions quick and simple. As one who teaches Audacity, I’ve lost count of the number or times I’ve been asked to share a project or part of a project’s audio and the number of times I’ve asked others to do the same. Enter, Audacity 3.2. With the new Share Audio button in Audacity 3.2 we can share our audio with the click of the mouse button. The audio is shared on Audacity’s new website (what a great URL!). I show you how to share your audio using Audacity 3.2 in this video.


  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 00:15 – Share Audio Button
  • 00:47 – Share Demonstration
  • 01:10 – Linking Audacity 3.2 to Audio.Com
  • 01:39 – Uploading Audio to Audio.Com From Audacity 3.2
  • 02:07 – Review and Share Your Audio Once It’s Uploaded
  • 02:46 – Audio is Private by Default 03:01 – Wrap-Up

Hardware I used in this video (NOTE: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying Amazon purchases).

Software I Used:

  • Audacity Version 3.2.0 Beta 20220913
  • Camtasia 2022
  • Auphonic Desktop Leveler App

Other places you’ll find me:

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